Wednesday, April 27, 2011

9 Reasons why you should quit your job..

There are a lot of reasons why you should quit your job apparently there are lots of reason you should stay..
But for me these top reasons that I could think of could say that you should be able to quit your job.

1. You are too rich to hold your present position as an employee.
You got lucky won a lottery, or got big time in one of your business and it pays a lot to give your time on managing your wealth rather than sticking to your present job.
2.You are too bored with your present job.
You might be surprised what people would do when they are bored. People will do lots of stupid things without thinking just too ease their boredom including dangerous acts just to excite themselves.

3.You have a job but you do not have a life.
I once asked a friend why did she quit a job that pays well and has a good career path prospect.
She replied: " There is too much overtime rendered in that work that you don't get a life ". Makes sense
work maybe a necessity but you got to have a work life balance.

4.You are highly unappreciated.If you feel that your efforts are not appraised even though you are a low profile type of person, You would want to be appreciated and be recognized for your contribution. Nevertheless , If you feel that you are confident enough , then seek an organization where you get what you deserve.

5.You got a better offer.You have no plans of leaving the company, the work is good and you are doing well. But wait, you are doing too well that other companies came knocking at your door.You could stay as and do what you had to or you explore other options where you get an offer that will make not only you but your family as well a little happier by having extra.

6.You are overqualified for the job. You felt that you could manage the whole team, Lead the way and ready for the big game. But wait, there is no slot available for higher position unless someone retire.Then why settle for being a sergeant when you could lead the whole company into the battlefield.

7.You lost your dignity as an employee.You are caught doing some illegal activity that compromises the image of the company. You can stay and face the consequence yet you lost all your dignity and the peoples respect around you or you could quit as a try to start again and hopefully not to screw up this time.

8.There is no growth with your present job.You have reached the position as a manager, But then next is the owners position for you are in a small company. The organization is simple and small.You felt like you could still achieve more. Then go for the big league.

9. The boat is sinking. Do not be left behind.They say that the captain is the last one to leave a sinking boat.In most cases you are not the captain, you one of the crew who did his best yet the boat kept on sinking. Maybe its time to consider other options a more stable one.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Been Here too long? Maybe Its time to get notice.

Holding the same position for so long?

I have been in a team building meeting and here are some pointers that I picked up.
If you have been performing well doing the same job or job with the same capacity at the same position,
and got fed up why nobody in the management recognizes your contribution to the company.
Maybe its time to make some noise!
Patience is a virtue.. But even when waiting we loose our patience , or we just do not have the time to wait.
For those who are happy performing the same job till retirement,then theres no problem.
But for those who has a little bit of interest to gain a higher position then maybe you have to take some steps.
Brag about your accomplishments.
At a good timing where a manager can hear you, speak up and let the people know what you did.
Just be certain that those task are accredited mainly on your efforts rather than collective as a team.
and be careful not to exaggerate or twist some facts.
Entertain other opportunities.
Some  of the companies doesn't realize the role of a dependable person unless he is leaving that way the management will realize the impact of your presence and offer something in exchange for your tenure.
The key is if you are waiting for so long and that you feel that its time to move to the next level. Break the silence, brag about what you have done and get noticed.