Monday, October 25, 2010

Career Shifting?

Planning on doing a career Shifting?
Here are some things you should know and expect if you are planning to career shift.
What is career shifting?
Basically career shifting is deviating from your chosen job that you have been practicing over the years.
What makes people career shift varies for everyone. But one thing is true, the farther the job (the difference of nature from your expertise) is the more risk there is and chances of succeeding in career shift is minimal.
Before you decide on career shifting, There are things that you have to consider.
Like in any gamble, you must have mechanics to gear up towards another type of career.
If you are thinking of going in Sales, you have to consider your ability to communicate effectively, convince people and personal charisma.
If you are thinking on going into Freelancing, you must at least a pool of clients to whom you can get your contracts.
If you are consider going into Culinary arts, you must be prepared to take the challenges of being creative with your dishes.
If you are thinking you going into Information Technology coming from a non computer background, better be prepared to take trainings and lots of them.
You must also consider your personal limitations. Time.These are the time you have since shifting into a different career means going back to zero whereas your previous work experience may not have weight on the new one.Resources.These involves your financial capability to acquire full time trainings that could take months or even years,Your ability to learn new knowledge required by the field and to adapt to new working environment. If you are really planning to proceed with career shifting, These could require planning, on the other hand time is of the essence for the longer you wait, the chances are getting slimmer based on the competition, therefore the earlier you proceed the better. Know the field, the basic requirements, going to advance and gain sufficient skills to compete with other entry level applicants.If your chosen career requires lots of training then you better save up.If your chosen career requires improved communication skills the practice your tongue everyday.Career shifting does not happen overnight if it does then it is uncommon for everyone else, Preparation is the key to getting in your dream job.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Coming Home from a Contract Work

Coming Home from a Contract Work.
Have you ever experienced working on a contract basis? or working on a contract basis offshore?
Are you an experienced offshore worker?
A person will not accept offshore work if it not that the work offers above average incentive.
Considering the difficulties that one has to bear working away from his love ones yet many people choose to take this chance.In exchange one has to enjoy a monthly salary that is equivalent to more than three times when working on his own country. With this amount, family back home may enjoy the perks of the having enough to spend and have a better quality of life.
If you are working offshore and sending almost every penny that you earn back home, then don't..
Chances are there not much left for savings..
If you are working on a contract basis which gives you a couple or more of months in
"out of contract" then you should consider saving while your on a contract.

Consider the following factor how long will it be till you can have another contract? In that case your savings must be equivalent or greater than your expenses during that period.During the period of which you are out of job (contract)  there are personal investment or expenses that you have to satisfy that is additional training, working permit,licenses, certification and processing fees.These should be part of your savings.
If you are thinking that your family back home could save some for the rainy days. Think again.
It is better that you , the bread winner saving "some" every payday ,would be a lot easier since you know how hard it is to earn it. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Competition at work

How do you handle work related competition?
We cannot deny that once in our career we will be obliged to take on a competition.
Competition is everywhere and is common among peers. Bear in mind that the it is natural and one should not hold grudges against the competition. It is better to concentrate one's effort on developing his own skills and talent. rather than putting ones effort to discredit on your competitor. Your competitor might have some skills that you do not possess same is true that you have some skills that you can used to edge your competition. Keep a clean competition and a clean conscience remember, it is how you play the game that matters rather winning the competition at a cost too great.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Don't be late..

Ever wonder why other employees get promoted so quickly?
Why their salary increase is a little bit higher than usual?
It is because of the basic performance matrix that supervisors or other performance auditors check.
What does it mean? These are set of criteria which the company has set in order to rate the employees performance, different companies has different criteria, a service company has a different criteria from a car manufacturing company as well as the type of function that an employee performs. But what is common is reliability, this involves the number of absences in a year or a month depending on the period of assessment and the number of late.Of course your the department manager would not notice you being absent for a day, It is just your supervisor that will be concerned,but what about late? In other cases being late is even worse than absent. You get in the office attract unnecessary attention, apologize yet already getting that much attention from everyone. Being late once a month is acceptable but if you are late once every week you are considered tardy.These will reflect your matrix, your score cards. To avoid being late, back track your activities from the time you arrive at the office to your travel time and your daily morning routines.If you move slow in the morning then you'll have to wake up earlier, If you cant wake up earlier then sleep earlier, It is all in the process of adjusting your time to meet your grace period.If you end up shutting down the alarm clock after it rang  and go back to sleep, then you should have another alarm clock that will ring five minutes later.This way when your first alarm ring, your mind will tell you that you still have a few minutes of nap yet it will anticipate the next ring,thus keeping you awake, before you know it, its automatic! even if the second alarm failed to ring at your expected time, you will wake up and get up because your mind is set up on hearing two alarm clocks in the morning.