Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New at work? Ask questions..

What to do if you are new in a company?
Here are some tips to make you stay in a company productive at an early time.
If you are new to a company, It is quite difficult to start a work.Whatever your job is starting in a new company is quite a challenge.
If your work is based on factory that depends on a Technical ,and Skills oriented it is easy to observe and know the flow of the work.
To learn more about the factory where you are gonna be working in, just follow the material flow. It is the easiest way of knowing what your company is engage into -if you are in a manufacturing company.This way chances are you are going to be involved in one of the processes of producing a part of the whole product.But what about knowing more? Then ask questions.
When asking a question be careful not to sound too proud or to look like "Mr know it all" when giving your statements,and also try to keep your negative criticism to yourself and save if for a better time.Most of the skilled workers would not be cooperative about you asking a lot of questions , it gives them the idea that you are there to replace them rather than to help, but these will change once you learn to earn their trust, They will teach you the fastest ,most efficient at least for their level of experience in doing the specific job, also they will share valuable insights and safety precautionary measures that you should be aware of. Some of these are working guidelines that are not documented. The key is humility, of course it easy to teach a humble person than a guy who thinks he knows better than a man working years.
What about if your working environment is a desk,a computer and what you have is a theoretical example of many things but no actual practice? This is more difficult, you may find it hard to observe how things are done for they are not easily seen  as every computer monitor shows a different view, application and some are complex numbers and diagrams. Where to start? The first thing to find is the Documents. Documents or department files are created a medium from one person to another to know what is going on inside your department or section. It may seemed complicated but at least it will give you an idea what the company is doing and what role you are going to play.When you are through with the documents, lots of questions will arise and you might want to clear them up. You will be surprised to find out how simple things are when they are explained to you by someone rather than reading them on text.Then again ask questions in a humble manner, do not be afraid to ask even the question whom anyone in the company would say "stupid question" because everyone knows the answer, yet it is better than committing a stupid mistake because of not asking anyone's help.

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